As part of the ongoing measures to prevent the spread of the virus, Kenya has had a curfew in place from 10pm every evening until 4am and this continues to stay in place.

The Safety standards in line with the World Health Organization and Kenya Ministry of Health requirements., including temperature screening of guests on arrival, regular health checks of staff in all sectors including Driver Guides  , Hotel and Lodge staff, social distancing, deep cleaning of camp Lodges & vehicles, regular hand washing and sanitation

Arrival procedures for our customers flying into Kenya:

1. Health Form

All international airline passengers flying into Kenya are required to complete an online Health Information form which needs to be submitted 24hrs prior to arrival:

2. Covid-19 PCR Test Certificate

All transiting and arriving passengers are required to have a Covid-19 PCR Test Certificate showing a Negative test result. The test must have been carried out within a maximum of 96 hours before travel to Kenya

3. For Tanzania, a Covid Rapid Test is done on all Boarder Entries or Departures points irrespective of any Covid Negative Test Certificate one will be holding