Day Tour to Debre Libanos and Jemma Gorge

Debre Libanos Monastery is located north west to the capital of Ethiopia – Addis Ababa.

Day Tour to Sodere Spa Resort

Sodere is a leisure complex in middle Ethiopia located approximately 120 km to the south east of Addis Ababa.

Tour to Langano and Lakes Abijata and Shala

One of the most interesting areas of the Great Rift Valley is the Region of Lakes in Ethiopia.

Day tour to Melka Kunture, Adadi Mariam and Tiya

During this one-day trip, we will see the archeological station called Melka Kunture, Rock Temple of Adadi Mariam and rock stele in Tiya.

Tour to Ambo Town and Wonchi Crater Lake

The City of Ambo (also known as Hagere Hiwot) is a resort located in Central Ethiopia, 155 to the west of Addis Ababa

City tour of Addis Ababa

Full day city tour of Addis Ababa



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