Interesting information on the Ostrich:

Ostrich’s life span

Normally, an ostrich’s life span averages between 35 and 45 years, the oldest ostrich which was 81 years old.


The ostrich stands about 2.2m tall, of which the neck at about 1m in length, and weighs about 100-130 kg.


The ostrich is the only bird in the world with 2 toes. There is a dangerous toenail, about 7cm long, on the big toe of each foot which can have fatal causes if one is kicked.


An ostrich normally runs up to 70km/h. The maximum recorded speed of an ostrich running is 97km/h


The brain of an ostrich is exceptionally small. An adult ostrich’s brain is about the size of a hen’s egg, which weighs about 40g.

Ostrich Ride

Maasai ostrich farm present one of the most unique rides in East Africa. Get  a chance to have a secure ride on trained ostriches under the guidance of experience instructors.

Ostrich Eggs

The ostrich egg is oval with a glossy, porcelain-like shell, pitted with hundreds of pores. T The average size egg is 13cm x 16cm and the weight ranges between 1.1 and 1.9kg. The shell is about 2-4mm thick, and is able to bear a weight of 120kg. One ostrich egg has the mass of approx. 25 hen’s eggs and can provide a meal for 18 persons when scrambled.

Ostrich Meat

Ostrich meat is a “red meat” similar in colour and taste to beef. The meat from an Ostrich comes from the leg, thigh, and back. An Ostrich has NO breast meat like the chicken and turkey, and  are very lean with very low fat content.

Ostrich Leather

Anything that can be made in leather can be made in Ostrich leather; it  provides designers with unique opportunities unavailable in other leather sources.

Ostrich Feathers

Drawings and carvings indicate the Ancient Egyptians and Romans used Ostrich feathers for formal dress. There are many different types of feathers based on where they are on the bird, such as tail, wings or body and the age of the bird, chick or mature bird.

Time to relax:  The Farm has a picnic garden where guests get to catch up and relax. Cool savannah breeze that aerates the garden gives it a memorable destination for meditation and rest from the hustles of city life. It is a serene paradise and haven of peace teeming with all species of birds and trees.

Come have a memorable Expedition worthy of your time!

What to Brng
  • Identification Mandatory
  • Your Face Masks Mandatory
  • Hand Sanitizer Mandatory
  • Sunglasses, Sunhat
  • Comfortable walking shoes (preferably Sneakers)
  • Personal spending money for buying souvenirs (optional)
  • Your wild side adventure & Lots and Lots of FUN!
  • Lunch at the lodge
  • Entry fee
  • Safari Vehicle with  Driver guide
  • 1 liter drinking water
Not included
  • Extras and items of a personal nature
  • Transfers in Nairobi for SGR station
  • Tips and gratuities
Important notes

Following the Government directive on social distancing we have to limit the number of groups we have in a day so early booking is advised. Guests will be expected to wear face masks and self-distance to be adhered to



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